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Mississippi is the last state to actively fly a flag with the confederate emblem. For many years, state-funded universities and some cities around the state have refused to put up the flag. In 2001 a motion was put to popular vote, but in the end nothing was changed. The issue is now becoming more urgent, as white supremacists are flying not only the Confederate and the Nazi flags, but also the Mississippi state flag.

With that in mind, a group of Mississippians began creating a podcast to tell the story of how Mississippi is changing itself from within, while at the same time calling our State’s government to action to help shape the outcome of the story. The Mississippi Bicentennial year of 2017 is being celebrated with a banner that flies alongside (or in many instances temporarily replaces) this state flag. As the bicentennial banner goes down this year, an opportunity presents itself. In its place, we can introduce something that showcases the future of the state, not the past. As our state ushers in 2018 with the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights museum, the bicentennial banner goes down and the question is: what will go back up in its place?



Our team is hard at work to ensure that Red Flag tells a story that truly resonates with people and sets forth a unifying path towards changing the Mississippi Flag.

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